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Switchfoot "Native Tongue" Tour hits the Paramount

February 23, 2019 - Switchfoot stopped by the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island as part of their "Native Tongue" tour.

As the lights dimmed, the sounds of the fans waiting for the band to hit the stage suddenly overpowered the background music. The band emerged and plunged into the opening lyrics of "Let It Happen", a song off their new CD, then went straight into the powerful "Meant to Live". Everyone was now pumped for a night of great music.

Photo by Tina Zito

Before "Live It Well", Jon announced that Jerome Fontamillas is now cancer free! This was met with a huge cheer and applause from the crowd. He also went on to say they met a few people that night who were also going through their own (cancer) battles and "we love you, you're not alone". This is why we love Switchfoot.

Jerome Fontamillas of Switchfoot - Photo by Tina Zito

The rest of the night included more songs off their new CD, such as Voices, All I Need and Prodigal Soul, as well as their classics like Hello Hurricane and I Won't Let You Go.

The last time Switchfoot played the Paramount, Jon was hoisted up to the 2nd level balcony (video) so I'm sure everyone was wondering if he was going to do that again. You betcha! Jon jumped off the stage and through the crowd a few times, giving his fans some "up close and personal" moments before making his way to the back of the venue and up the balcony, yet again.

Photo by Tina Zito

Switchfoot ended with "Dare You To Move" but it didn't take long for the crowd to shout "one more song" as soon as they left the stage. Only a few moments passed before they returned, belting out the lyrics to "Native Tongue", the title track off their latest CD. They did a portion of "Hope is the Anthem" and finished with "Where I Belong".

Photo by Tina Zito

The entire show was full of non-stop energy and emotion. You can tell they truly love what they do and love their fans just as much.

Tyson Motsenbocker and Colony House were the opening acts. Tyson is a songwriter and guitarist who has been compared to the likes of Vance Joy and James Bay. Colony House is an alternative rock band from Nashville who's high energy was the perfect crowd warmer.

For more information about Switchfoot and their tour dates, please visit their website.


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