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On a Musical Note is a music magazine focusing on live music with a spotlight on concert reviews and music news.  One of our goals is to highlight local artists and give them a place to shine, exposing their talents for everyone to see.  

On a Musical Note was Co-founded by Cindy Goldman and Tina Zito, who met through a local photography group and became friends because of their mutual love for music.  

After hitting a few concerts together, they decided to share the excitement and experiences of their concert adventures.


So won't you, Follow Us, As We Follow Our Passion.

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Tina Zito is a concert and wildlife photographer.


She grew up listening to alternative music including bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order and Erasure, but these days can be found listening to everything from today's alternative, pop and classic rock.

Tina can also be found shooting a variety of wildlife from warblers and woodpecker to owls, hawks, and eagles.  

While she travels all around the Long Island area, it's not uncommon for Tina to take to the road in search of these feathered creatures or a great live show.

"Both photography and music are forms of therapy and have always been a huge part of my life.  I try to capture what I'm feeling when at a show so that when you look at my photo, you feel like you were there too".

Cindy Goldman is a wildlife and music enthusiast and photographer. 


From soft rock to new wave, and everything in between, she has been taking concert photographs since high school. 

After realizing the abundance of species found here on Long Island she began to expand her passion to include all types of wildlife.

“My favorite thing, when photographing concerts, is capturing the faces of the artists, as they express their feelings thru song.  The energy and emotion of the performance is also exciting to capture."

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