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Stray Cats Strut Their Stuff @ Pier 17

August 6th, NYC

Brian Setzer, a rock and roll guitar icon reunited with his bandmates, Lee Rocker on standup bass and Slim Jim Phantom on Drums, Tuesday night and delivered a rockabilly beat down to a sold out crowd.

They have reunited to celebrate a new studio album simply called “40”, marking 40 years since their inception.


Strong and proud and rocking all the way as they walk on stage at Pier 17, they opened with Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me), which is the first song on ‘40’ and is an instant classic, setting the tone for the night perfectly.

The band never missed a beat, as if they never stopped playing together over the years.

Then the heat really gets turned up as they continue with “Runaway Boys” and a great take on Gene Vincent’s “Double Talkin’ Baby”. New songs “Three Time’s A Charm” and “Mean Pickin’ Mama” welcomed by the crowd with the same enthusiasm as the classic “Stray Cat Strut”.

Pier 17 Set List

Photo Gallery: Photos by Cindy Goldman

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Rachel G
Rachel G
Jul 31, 2022

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