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Rob Thomas/Counting Crows - Ford Amphitheater, Coney Island

I met up with a friend early as we had VIP tickets that allowed us to partake in karaoke with Rob.  Well, not the real Rob but his hologram.  Choose from a few different songs and you get to sing a chorus or two with him and you can have a link to the video emailed to you.  It's a pretty cool concept from VNTANA.  

We met up with a few other friends, made our way to our seats, positioned ourselves at the railing right by the stage and anxiously waited for the show to start.  K Phillips started the night.  It was a short set but well perceived by everyone.  A little bit country but on the bluesy side.

Then it was time for RT.  From the moment he sets foot on stage, the screams begin, just like we were 15 again. Rob never disappoints at any of his shows.  

The energy and passion he puts into each and every song, note and dance move is like no other.  The entire RT band always has a smile on their face.  You can tell they truly have a great time when they perform.  

What's great about going to see Rob in concert is his fans.  They really are the best.  I've made so many wonderful new friends because of him and they make the night even more fun.  

If you've never seen Rob in concert, WHY NOT???  I spoke to a few CC fans after Rob's performance and they are all amazed at how great of a show he puts on.  It blows them away because they weren't expecting half of it.


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