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REO Speedwagon Rocks The House at The Theatre at Westbury

April 14 - REO Speedwagon gave a performance that shows they are worthy of being inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The high energy set began with "Don't Let Him Go," and continued with “Music Man” and “In Your Letter”.

Lead singer, Kevin Cronin, kept the momentum going as he interacted with the crowd and made it feel like a very intimate private concert for their fans.

He told several stories including how in the “old days” they had one song everyone knew the words to. They would always save it for the encore song. He dreamed that one day the whole set would become a sing-a-long, which was happening that evening.

Then he started the song and everyone immediately began to sing “Heard it from a friend who…."

”Take it on The Run” is a classic tune that, along with the rest of the songs, has stood the test of time. Some of the other classics they performed that night included “Tough Guys”, "Son of a Poor Man" and their signature ballad "Can't Fight This Feeling."

The band did not leave the stage to come back from for an encore. Instead, Kevin said that “this is the time when we go off stage and you would beg for us to come back”. He remarked that they would rather play a few more if we wanted. And everyone wanted!

So they continued with, “Keep on Loving You” and “Roll With the Changes.” They received a standing ovation from the entire place!

For more information on REO Speedwagon and their tour dates, check out their official website.


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