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P!nk Comes Out Swinging

...from a chandelier, and that’s just for starters!

As the lights went out ‘Here I Go Again’ by Whitesnake started playing through the PA system, which had everyone singing along before the curtain dropped.

P!nk played a sold-out show at the NYCB Live at Nassau Coliseum on August 16th during her “Beautiful Trauma" world tour. From her first song to the last, the crowd was up and dancing! Her voice was perfect, her moves electrifying and the acrobatics and aerial stunts, mind-blowing!

The incredible 2 hour show is visually stunning, with dancers and props all choreographed perfectly for our enjoyment and theirs as well! Everyone on stage was smiling and seemed to really enjoy the night including P!nk.

The stage set-up included a heart-shaped extension with a magic carpet treadmill she could glide around on to help her interact with her fans, stopping to sing happy birthday to one and all who were celebrating! And to collect a couple of stuffed animals from children reaching out to gift them to her. You can feel the warmth and love she has for her fans emanating from the stage.

Kicking the festivities off with “Get this party started” got everybody into the mood to enjoy the party to come. Followed by “Beautiful Trauma”, “Just Like a Pill” and “Who Knew”. As the night went on, she sang many of her hits and a beautiful rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” followed by an acoustic version of her latest hit “Walk Me Home” off of Hurts 2B Human.

She broke the show down into “acts” showing short videos in between.

She introduced her band and her dancers - and included with the dancers was her daughter, Willow, who cartwheeled onto the stage into her mother’s arms.

P!nk’s message is be happy with who you are and unafraid to show your true self! P!nk has always made it clear she is a strong feminist with independent values. As another stage was being set up, a highlight reel of her early career was shown right through to today, where she maintains fighting for equal rights, kindness and integrity.

The first song of the encore was “So What”, to which she was sent like a sling-shot bouncing thru the air, all around the arena, singing, waving and smiling to all the fans.

P!nk is a remarkable entertainer, she encompasses the whole package!  Extraordinary voice, incredible showmanship, and Cirque du Soleil acrobatics. The show is not to be missed!

It’s the best show I’ve seen all year!

Set List

Get the Party Started

Beautiful Trauma

Just Like a Pill

Who Knew

Revenge Land (Video Interlude)

Funhouse / Just a Girl


Secrets Film (Video Interlude)




Just Give Me a Reason

River (Bishop Briggs cover)

Just Like Fire

Women Are Strong (Video Interlude)

What About Us

For Now

90 Days (with Wrabel)

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) (acoustic)

Walk Me Home (acoustic)

I Am Here

F**kin’ Perfect

My Daughter Is Beautiful (Video Interlude)

Raise Your Glass

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Can We Pretend


So What

Glitter in the Air


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