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Neil Sedaka NYCB Theatre at Westbury

June 23, Westbury, NY - The lights dimmed and the show began with a film showing two dozen top artists covering his songs, including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Cher, The Carpenters, ABBA, Johnny Mathis, Tom Jones and Neil Diamond. Then he walked on stage and sang, "I'm a Song (Sing Me)", with just him at the piano. He humbly greeted the crowd as they clapped and cheered. At age 80, Mr. Sedaka’s voice is still in excellent form. He went on to sing many of his hits, and tell stories..

He told an amusing story about being on a vacation tour in China, “at the end of the tour the guide said he was going to sing a song in English, because of all the Americans on the tour." He sang “oh Carol”, and I was shocked. I went up to him and said “thank you very much, that’s my song”. He said "no it’s not, it’s Neil Sedaka’s", (laughter) I said “well I’m Neil Sedaka". He said "if you’re Neil Sedaka, I’m Elvis Presley!“

He remarked that “I was the Justin Bieber of the 1950s." Then in the 1960s, a new sound craze came along …The Beatles. Not good. I was walking down the street in NY and someone said, “didn’t you used to be Neil Sedaka”. I retired.

But luckily for us he reinvented himself and gave us more hits. I know that for this attendee he brought great childhood memories of listening to CBS 101.1 in my room, singing along to his music. He had the crowd giving him a standing ovation more than once!

He did his version of my Yiddishe Momma that brought most of us to tears.

Neil Sedaka is a phenomenal performer, that can still give a few dance moves and sing us to tears, and make us smile, all in the course of his 90 minute show. He has been all over the world and is loved by many. His joy is bringing joy to many thru his music!

For more information and tour dates click Here.


I'm a Song (Sing Me)

(with just Neil Sedaka on piano)

Bad Blood

(joined by full band)

Oh! Carol

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

Where the Boys Are

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

The Diary

Next Door To An Angel

Stairway to Heaven

Calendar Girl


Should've Never Let You Go

Love Will Keep Us Together


Do You Remember

The Hungry Years

Laughter in the Rain

I Do It For Applause

(with just Neil Sedaka on piano)

Piano interlude


Alone at Last

My Yddishe Momme

That's When the Music Takes Me

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


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