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Daughtry Acoustic Trio Comes to Long Island

When you think of an acoustic show, you think low-key and mellow.  Not when it comes to Chris Daughtry.  At last night's acoustic trio show at the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, concert-goers were treated to a crazy, fun-filled night that left everyone not knowing what to expect next.

  Daughtry, accompanied by Elvio Fernandes on keyboards and Brian Craddock on guitar, started off the night sitting on a stool and strumming his guitar while serenading the crowd with his amazing vocals.

You would probably think this is what the whole night is going to be like, but you'd be wrong.  Oh so very wrong. After only a few songs in, a fan's sign caught his eye.  After reading it, Chris said something to the effect of "You expect me to jump off stage and take a selfie with you and piss off all the other fans?"  Just then he stood up and all you heard were screams.  Before you knew it, he jumped off the stage and leaned over the barricade to take a selfie with this now emotional fan.  What a guy! (Picture below)

Back on stage, Elvio asks the crowd if they want to hear Daughtry's Vince Neil impression. Chris then starts to belt out the words to Home Sweet Home, while trying not to laugh. After a few lines and the chorus though, he had to stop.  The smile on his face said it all.

Daughtry had the crowd's attention.  

So what do you do now?  

Sing one of your biggest hits?  No, you have the crowd sing it with you!  

Chris gets everyone pumped, telling them the words to sing (like they didn't know them), then starts the sing-off.  (video link below)

The mood had definitely changed from the beginning of the night.  Everyone was on their feet (and not because it was general admission).  You wanted to hear the stories being told, the jokes being exchanged and the ad-libbing between these guys.  They were certainly having a good time up there.

Last night brought me back to my teens and I felt like I was hanging out in someone's (very large) basement, jamming and joking among friends.  Daughtry has come a long way from American Idol.  He's a class act and did not disappoint.  I would highly recommend catching one of his shows if you haven't already.

Video - Over You - Sing along at The Paramount


I just had to share this picture of Daughtry jumping into the crowd taken by my friend and amazing photographer, Wayne Herrschaft, who captured the moment so perfectly!  Daughtry even re-tweeted it!


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