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Candlebox Performs Self Titled Debut Album at The Paramount

April 26th - It was the 90's all over again as Candlebox took the stage to a sold-out show at the Paramount in Huntington.

They opened their set with “Don’t You” and “Change” which set the mood for what was going to be an incredible night. Kevin’s voice hasn’t changed at all. His unique raspy sound still sets him apart from other grunge rockers.

Candlebox still knows how to rock and kept the audience’s attention as Kevin worked the stage, walking back and forth while interacting with the crowd. A few songs into the night, he made eye contact with a fan standing in front to make sure everyone was ok. This wasn’t the first time he stopped a show to cater to an “altercation” in the audience and as he put it “there’s no f*cking fighting at a Candlebox show”.

Kevin introduced each song, letting everyone know a little about how it came to be and what album it came from. While this was a night to celebrate their debut album, they also performed some other songs such as Sometimes, Surrendering and Sweet Summertime.

Of course they saved their best for last and that's what everyone was waiting for. The crowd sang along to the tunes of You and Far Behind.

But just when you thought the show was over, Kevin said he had a special treat for everyone. He brought out the opening band, Whole Damn Mess, and introduced Daxx Nielson (son of Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielson) on drums. They then did an unforgettable performance of Cheap Trick’s Surrender.

Whole Damn Mess put on an incredible show and got the crowded pumped for Candlebox. Fronted by Don Miggs, they’re an alternative band with a very likable sound. More than half the audience was already in attendance when they took the stage and I’m sure they gained a few new fans that night.


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