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Blues Travelers & moe. Kick Off Co-Headlining Tour @ LI Community Hospital Ampitheater

July 11th - Farmingville, NY - The skies were dark and the threat of rain, thunder and lighting was obvious. But that didn't stop people from coming to see these two bands rock out on their first night of the tour.

Fans were treated to a full night of music with performances by each band, plus special stage moments when members of both bands came out and played together. G Love (sans the sauce) opened and got the crowd ready for what was to come next.

Blues Travelers took the stage first, opening with "Sweet Talking Hippie". Their setlist included songs likes "When You Fall Down", "But Anyway", "Stand", and "The Mountains Win Again". "Run Around" got the crowd singing along and "Dropping Some NYC" drew a big response from the NY crowd!

The unmistakable combination of John Popper's voice and soulful harmonica playing sounded as great as ever and it's no wonder it gained them devoted fans for over 30 years.

They ended their set with the classic favorite, "Hook", again getting everyone up and singing along.

After their set, they walked off stage, but then came back one by one. They were joined by moe. and what happened next was just magical. Performing together on stage, they broke into Steely Dan's "Reeling in the Years". Other songs included "100 Years", "Happy Hour Hero", "Dead Flowers" and "Join Together".

Moe. finished off the night and kept the crowd rocking with hits like "The Road", "Nebraska", "Screaming And Kicking", "Threw It All Away", "Crab Eyes", "Akimbo" and "Timmy Tucker".

For more information on Blues Travelers and to see where they're playing next, visit their website at

Set List

1. Sweet Talking Hippie

2. The Wolf Is Bumpin'

3. Dropping Some NYC

4. Jam

5. Run Around

6. When You Fall Down

7. But Anyway

8. Stand

9. NY Prophesie

10. The Mountains Win Again

11. Hook

Photo Gallery - All Photos by Tina Zito


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