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Alice Cooper at The Tilles Center for the Performing Arts

Before Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, it was Alice Cooper. With his horror makeup, songs about sex and death and theatrical hangings, he was seen as a threat to the morality of society.

His first hit, in 1971, was "I'm Eighteen" from their third studio album, Love It to Death. Nowadays, nothing is very shocking anymore, but Alice puts on a fantastic show that delight old and young! There were children of all ages at the Tilles Center show.

He emerges out of his nightmare castle, with top hat and twirling cane, and kisses a ghost bride (his wife, Sheryl Goddard) who disappears in smoke.

As the crowd's thunder reached a crescendo, the band begins playing "Feed My Frankenstein" - a song about satisfying one's libido. A 10-foot-tall beast, chains dangling from its forearms, joined the monster of ceremonies onstage for the performance, only to be restrained by stage hands and tossed backstage.

While using several props during the show from a crutch covered in bandages to a fencing sword, followed by a leather whip, Alice interacts with the crowd almost constantly.

He even played with the hair of a few women in the front row!

The entire band has a knack for looking dead or demented, and it is well played.

Young, old, and children with their parents, Alice Cooper can still draw a crowd. It's a great show with great showmen and Alice is the wonderful master of ceremonies.


Photo Gallery: All photos by Cindy Goldman


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